Border Patrol leadership reportedly knew about derogatory Facebook groups for years

Agents reportedly flagged posts from the group to leadership as early as 2016. Top officials at US Customs and Border Patrol reportedly knew about a Facebook group in which current and former agents routinely posted derogatory, inflammatory, and sometimes violent memes years before the group became public knowledge following a report by A.C. Thompson at ProPublica. That group may also not be the only one of its kind, according to reporting that found a second,…

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If aliens call, what should we do? Scientists want your opinion.

In the age of fake news, researchers worry conspiracy theories would abound before we could figure out how — or if — to reply to an alien message. The answer to this question could affect all of our lives more than nearly any other policy decision out there: How, if it all, should humanity respond if we get a message from an alien civilization? And yet politicians and scientists have never bothered to get our…

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