Rep. Eric Swalwell drops out of the Democratic 2020 presidential primary

Swalwell made it on the first debate stage, but he’s struggled to get his name out there. California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell, who has been running for president since April, is calling it quits. With seven months until Iowa voters go to the caucuses, Swalwell announced he will be ending his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination Monday, saying he is ready to “go back to Washington.” “Today ends our presidential campaign, but it is…

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Brazil’s Supreme Court pushed back against an attempt to cancel participatory councils

That’s good news for Brazilian democracy. On June 12, right-wing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro faced his first defeat at the Supreme Court. The Court issued an injunction blocking part of his recent decree, which would have dismantled important tools for civil society involvement in policymaking. The decree called for the elimination of more than 50 participatory councils, which give civil society an official role in designing public policies and monitoring policy implementation. Brazil’s participatory councils…

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