Trump’s census citizenship question fiasco, explained

What a disaster. Is President Donald Trump’s effort to add a question about citizenship to the 2020 census finally about to end? On Thursday morning, there were a flurry of reports that Trump planned to escalate the new battle, by issuing an executive order to make sure the question — currently blocked by the Supreme Court — is included. Yet by the afternoon, ABC News was reporting that Trump was now expected to back down…

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What could be next for the Affordable Care Act lawsuit

According to one health law expert, it’s “incomprehensible” that the case had made it this far. The Fifth Circuit is currently weighing the latest legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act, and recent oral arguments have many wondering if this could be the suit to pose an existential threat to the law. A panel of three justices on Tuesday heard oral arguments in Texas v. Azar, a suit brought by 18 state attorneys general from…

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