The Art of Self-Defense functions like a 20-year anniversary remake of Fight Club

In Riley Stearns’ new movie The Art of Self-Defense, a lonely, mild-mannered office drone has an experience that forces him to reevaluate his lowly place in a supposedly civilized society. He joins a group with a charismatic leader who encourages a reclamation of traditional masculinity built around boundary-breaking physical conflict. He meets a similarly minded woman and develops an unconventional, not-quite-romantic relationship with her. Eventually, he comes to suspect that the charismatic leader is using…

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Vox Sentences: A Brexit of a different kind

Vox Sentences is your daily digest for what’s happening in the world. Sign up for the Vox Sentences newsletter, delivered straight to your inbox Monday through Friday, or view the Vox Sentences archive for past editions. New York is trying to get Congress Trump’s tax returns; the UK ambassador to the US resigns after leaked cables. New York bill provides possible new route to Trump’s tax returns Jose More/VW Pics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images…

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