Democrats defend Congresswomen Trump says should “go back” to their “corrupt” countries

Trump told Congresswomen — who are from the US — to ‘go back’ to their ‘corrupt’ countries in a series of xenophobic tweets. President Donald Trump attacked liberal, minority Congresswomen in a nativist tweet thread Sunday telling them to “go back” to the “crime infested countries from which they came.” Although the president did not tweet at any Congresswomen in particular, he was likely referring to a group of progressive freshmen that includes Reps. Ilhan…

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Bill de Blasio faces criticism for campaigning in Iowa during New York’s blackout

New York’s governor and city residents complained about the mayor’s handling of the crisis. New York City mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio was campaigning in Iowa as 72,000 of his city’s residents experienced a massive blackout that left the West Side of Manhattan in the dark Saturday. During and after the blackout, the presidential contender faced criticism from his constituents and fellow politicians for being out of town during a major…

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