Facebook confirms new FTC antitrust investigation after posting strong earnings

Illustration by James Bareham / The Verge Facebook’s business continues to grow, largely unimpeded by the various privacy settlements, corporate scandals, and regulatory concerns over its handling of user data and other reckless practices. Yet the company announced today, as part of its second quarter earnings announcement, that the Federal Trade Commission is now officially investigating Facebook for potential violations of US antitrust law. “The online technology industry and our company have received increased regulatory…

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Roku is testing its own Wi-Fi extender to improve streaming reliability

Roku is making a Wi-Fi extender called the Roku Relay, which is meant to improve wireless connections inside a home and improve reliability while streaming. The device, which has not yet been announced, is currently in testing with users outside the company, a person familiar with the tests tells The Verge. The Relay is a small white gadget that plugs into a power outlet and rests alongside the wall. Instructions show that it’s meant to…

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Vox Sentences: Mueller? More like duller.

Jonathan Ernst/Pool/Getty Images Vox Sentences is your daily digest for what’s happening in the world. Sign up for the Vox Sentences newsletter, delivered straight to your inbox Monday through Friday, or view the Vox Sentences archive for past editions. Mueller’s long-awaited testimony wasn’t as enlightening as some may have wished; Facebook is fined $5 billion over privacy practices. Mueller finally testifies in front of Congress Jonathan Ernst/Pool/Getty Images Former special counsel Robert Mueller finally appeared…

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