Trump’s executive order on social media bias is a distraction

President Trump is reportedly drafting an executive order on social media platforms like Twitter and Google. | Zach Gibson/Getty Images Trump is reportedly drafting an executive order on tech bias against conservatives, even though there’s no proof this bias exists. The Trump administration is reportedly drafting an executive order to combat the bias that some Republicans accuse social media companies of displaying against conservatives. The White House is reportedly sharing drafts of an order on…

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This nonprofit just took a big step to make kidney donation in the US easier

Cheryl Gittens (in red) and her daughter Alyson Renaldo, who gave Gittens a kidney, show their scars in their home in Toronto, Canada. | Vince Talotta/Toronto Star via Getty Images Donating a kidney saves a life — and now it doesn’t have to cost you money. Reducing deaths from kidney disease is a crucially important public health goal. I’m biased, as someone who’s donated a kidney, but the numbers are pretty clear: About 40,000 people die…

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This website shows you exactly how guilty you should feel about flying

Air travel contributes about 2 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Some travelers are now ashamed of flying. | Tami Chapell/AFP/Getty Images A new tool helps you calculate how much your air travel melts the Arctic. Demand for air travel is growing around the world, with the number of passengers poised to double over the next 20 years. At the same time, we’re beginning to reckon with the enormous environmental consequences of so much air…

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