What’s up with the yield curve?

The New York Stock Exchange building in New York City. | Johannes Eiselle/AFP/Getty Images This episode of Today, Explained walks through the infamous yield curve and what it’s signaling about the next recession. The yield curve inverted on August 14, which, if you’re like many people, sounds somewhere between impossible to understand and extremely boring. But it sent the financial press into a tizzy of panic that could grab anyone’s attention. CNBC called it a…

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How the Hong Kong protests created the #BoycottMulan campaign

Walt Disney Pictures Months away from release, Disney’s live-action Mulan is facing political backlash. Disney’s upcoming live-action version of its animated 1998 film Mulan is still months away from its March 2020 release. And as has often been the case with the studio’s live-action remakes, the project has not been without some backlash since it was announced — including because the live-action version will apparently swap the musical heart of the original for something more…

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