Trump said the new border wall was “impenetrable.” Smugglers are sawing through it.

US-Mexico border wall construction near Ciudad Juarez in May 2019. | Herika Martínez/AFP/Getty Images Smugglers have found that all you need to cut through the wall is a $100 saw. President Donald Trump promised a wall on the border would radically change undocumented immigration and customs enforcement. But it turns out newly built sections of the president’s wall aren’t as sturdy as he promised: Smugglers have been using a commercial saw to cut through it,…

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2020 Democrats enter the final phase of their Iowa campaigns at the state’s largest political event

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the 2019 Liberty and Justice Celebration in Des Moines, Iowa. | Scott Olson/Getty Images With three months until the caucuses 2020 Democratic candidates searched for their standout moment at key Iowa event. With three months to go until the Iowa caucuses, Democratic presidential candidates offered voters impassioned pitches about their proposals and their ability to beat Donald Trump at the Liberty and Justice Celebration dinner Friday. The dinner…

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