At a UFC event, Trump receives second round of boos in a week

President Donald Trump at UFC 244 in New York City. | Steven Ryan/Getty Images Trump can’t seem to escape boos at sporting events. President Donald Trump faced boos for the second time in a week when he met a crowd at a UFC match in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Trump, who has long been a fan and supporter of the UFC, traveled to New York City on Saturday with his sons Donald Jr. and…

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Elizabeth Warren can’t escape the  Medicare-for-all funding debate — even on SNL

NBC Kate McKinnon’s Warren said she released a plan to pay to Medicare-for-all because “that’s what moms do.” The debate over the cost of Medicare-for-all took a new turn this week when Sen. Elizabeth Warren released her plan for paying for the policy. Warren had been under pressure for some time to explain how she would fund the switch to single payer health care; at the October presidential debate, her rival Mayor Pete Buttigieg attacked…

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