SNL adds “pizzazz” to the impeachment hearings by turning them into a soap opera

Pundits called the first public impeachment hearings boring. SNL answered that criticism by turning them into a soap opera. The US House of Representatives commenced its public hearings in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump Wednesday, after weeks of closed-door testimonies. The hearings marked the first time the American people heard directly from those with knowledge of Trump’s relationship with Ukraine and the allegations Trump tried to withhold military aid from that country in…

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America’s sex education system is broken. This chatbot wants to be the solution.

Planned Parenthood created Roo, a sex ed chatbot that answers teens’ questions while maintaining their anonymity. | Planned Parenthood Can a chatbot teach teens about sex? This episode of the Reset podcast uncovers alternatives to traditional sex ed. US sex education is decades behind other countries. Right now, it isn’t even mandatory in every state. Add to that the awkwardness people feel about sex and bodies in general, top it with the idea of having…

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