Odessa and Midland, Texas shootings: what we know

Police tape cordons off an area. | Larry W. Smith/Getty Images

At least two people were killed. At least 20 people were wounded.

A shooting has wounded at least 20 people in Texas near the towns of Odessa and Midland, about 300 miles east of El Paso. At least two people were killed, according to Midland Mayor Jerry Morales.

Midland police have said the shooting began at a Home Depot; officers pursued the suspects after they fled the scene in two separate vehicles.

What we know

  • At least 20 people were wounded in a shooting in Texas Saturday afternoon.
  • At least two people were killed.
  • Midland, Texas police believe there are two suspects.
  • The suspects fled the scene of the initial shooting in two vehicles: one suspect is believed to have comandeered a US postal vehicle; the other fled in a Toyota truck.
  • As police pursued the suspects (who fled in opposite directions), one state trooper was shot on the interstate.
  • Bystanders are believed to have also been wounded during the pursuit.
  • Police have taken one suspect into custody.

What we don’t know

  • The identity of the suspects
  • The motivation for the shooting
  • The total number of wounded
  • The total number of people killed

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