The mind, explained in five 20-minute Netflix episodes

Vox’s Netflix show Explained is back with a miniseries on the mind narrated by Emma Stone.

After nearly a year of labor behind the scenes, we have an announcement for you: Explained is finally back! And during this year, we’ve turned our attention to a crucial question: Why can’t we remember what is in the fridge?

Or more importantly, why can’t we remember most of the details of our own lives? Why do an estimated one in three people suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point? And why, when we go to bed at night, are we overcome with strange visions? Do our dreams actually mean anything, or serve any purpose?

This is what we get into in our new five-episode limited series, The Mind, Explained.

Our minds often feel like a black box. And the stakes of these questions go far beyond the fridge – to our fundamental sense of reality, and what it means to be human. How can we help ourselves, and each other, when our minds betray us? What can we do to take back some control?

Scientists have figured out so much more than you might realize – and we’re diving deep, with five brand new episodes narrated by Emma Stone taking you on an adventure through the mind, available today.

The first episode is also available now on Vox’s YouTube channel, too.

Our weekly episodes return, as well, on September 26th. They’ll be right here – where Season 1 also awaits any of you who haven’t seen it yet.

Thanks so much to all of you who watch, support, and even teach the series. If you’re a teacher wondering if you can use the series: yes you can. Here’s Netflix’s policy. And for more ideas of things we should cover in Explained’s future, send us a note at

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